Feminine Side

Life Rises and Falls to Meet our Expectations.....


When we are confident, inspired, and positive we become a powerful force in our own lives, attracting what we seek and flowing through life with relative ease. When we fully realize our personal power, when we feel successful- we help others reach their full potential and become true leaders.

The Feminine Side of Leadership book, artwork, and workshops help women become powerful leaders through mastering our feminine traits­; strength, intuition, creativity, kindness, and authority ­to empower ourselves and others. Jenny FisherThe Feminine Side of Leadership provides practical guidance within each of the ten leadership principles to be inspired and successful on the job.

Feeling inspired and successful in today’s economy is tough. With the many changes and insecurity in many of our businesses today, it’s often hard to stay inspired and positive at work.  How many times have we driven home feeling upset at yet another corporate restructuring, a new boss, or a negative comment from a co-worker?  When we feel victimized, we start to act like a victim and create a negative spiral that makes us feel bad and perform worse. To be an inspiring force for others, we need to learn how to manage our own levels of inspiration and develop practical techniques for resetting our mindset each day to be at the top of our game.

Read the book, attend a workshop, or participate in the blog to share what keeps you Inspired@Work!

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